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4" Polished Soapstone Pipe

4" Polished Soapstone Pipe - 
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4" Polished Soapstone Pipe

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For a classic pipe shape created from a modern, unique material, look no farther than this listing.

This 4” pipe is made entirely from a crisp soapstone, shined to a gleam with delicate, natural patterns visible in the grain of the stone. Featuring a detachable bowl, this unique piece guarantees a one-of-a-kind smoking experience and is a staple for any collection!

Please note that actual colors and shapes may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Nice pipe,well made!

Sharp well made pipe.

Great little pipe

The soap stone absorbs the heat and helps smooth out the smoke, fits well in small pockets, I also love the way it fits and feels in my hand, no carb and I love that, easier to light in the wind

Some Assembly Aquired

Upon opening the package to reveal the stone pipe that I ordered I was pleasantly confused. It looked like they shipped me a cute stone mushroom instead of a pipe, but quickly I realized that I had to unscrew a part or two in order to form it into what it was supposed to look like. I did not know that it came apart, I must have missed that in the description, but it's a very nice feature for traveling around so I'm super happy with it. lol.

Just as shown. Thought UPS

Just as shown. Thought UPS was slow till I found out it was coming from Madrid! Pretty fast for that.
Enjoying my new pipes, especially the "Share the pipe". Very cool...

Beautiful pipe. Works great.

Beautiful pipe. Works great.

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