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3" Stone Smoking Collectible Pipe

3" Stone Smoking Tobacco Collectible Pipe - 
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3" Stone Smoking Collectible Pipe

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The Stone Smoking Tobacco Collectible Pipe has a primitive design that gives it the feel of an ancient artifact and makes it a unique selection to add to any man's collection of pipes. The pipe has a tapered shape with hand carvings on its front. The handled end is decoratively shaped both for aesthetic appeal and an easy grip. Fashioned out of genuine stone, the pipe has a one-of-a-kind look, as each one will be slightly different in its color and details. At 3 inches in size, the pipe is discreet and perfect for keeping in your pocket when you're out and about.
  • Soapstone tobacco pipe
  • Simple and nicely carved 
  • Measures approx 3" inches long
  • Actual colors and shapes may vary
  • Great mini pocket pipe

Customer Reviews

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Nice pipe

I am very happy with

I am very happy with the pipe, the price, and even the shipping!

The largest land mammal to road the earth in modern times.

The intricate design of this Elephant carved stone pipe is the most beautiful and elegant piece I've owned. With it being stone it is liable to break if dropped from a decently high height. But other than that they hold up very well! I've dropped mine multiple times, slightly chipped it, but it does not inhibit from my continual use. Very pleased with soapstone pipes. It's the only thing I ever smoke from! I definitely suggest this, for you, a friend, whomever! At least buy two so you'll have a spare incase of an accidental break.

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