Choosing The Right Pipe Tobacco

Feb 10, 2014 0 Comments
Choosing The Right Pipe Tobacco

With so many different types of pipe tobacco available on the market, choosing one can be a daunting task. Some have a heavier, full-bodied tobacco flavor, while others are more light and aromatic. Just because your buddy enjoys the heavier pipe tobacco doesn't necessarily mean you will too. If you're struggling to choose a brand of pipe tobacco, keep reading to learn more about the nuances between the different varieties.


Virginia Blends

Here's an interesting fact that may surprise some of you: approximately 60% of U.S. tobacco is grown in the U.S. The fertile soil combined with warm year-round temperatures offers the perfect climate for this versatile crop. Tobacco grown here is rightfully called “Virginia blends” – for obvious reasons.

You really can't go wrong with any premium Virginia blend pipe tobacco. While the exact flavors and aroma vary depending on the particular brand, most Virginia blends are characterized by rich tobacco flavors with hints of sweet fruit. A good Virginia blend pipe tobacco will create a burst of flavor in your mouth that's sure to satisfy your taste buds.

English Pipe Tobacco

Based on the name alone, you might assume this type of pipe tobacco comes from the other side of the pound; however, English pipe tobacco simply refers to natural blends of tobacco with no added flavors or additives. Most tobacco companies add flavoring ingredients during the curing process, which sets their product apart from the rest. English tobacco, on the other hand, is entirely natural and contains no addition flavors.

English tobacco possesses a stronger, more filling smoke that many people prefer. Since there's no flavoring additives used in its production, it has more of an authentic tobacco flavor than other varieties.

Burley Pipe Tobacco

Burley is a variety of pipe tobacco that's gone through an air-curing process to achieve a unique flavor. Although it's not as popular as Virginia or English blends, it's still a delightful alternative that shouldn't be overlooked. The air-curing process intensifies some of the attractive flavors and aromas of the tobacco, creating a smooth, delicate blend with hints of nuts and caramel.

In Conclusion...

The only way you'll know which pipe tobacco is best suited for your taste buds is through trials and error. Pick up a pack of each of the previously mentioned varieties to light up. While you're enjoying them, make a mental note of which ones you prefer and which ones you dislike.