Still trying to decide which tobacco smoking pipe is right for you? While tobacco pipes are manufactured in a wide variety of materials, there's simply nothing that compared to authentic hardwood. It offers the perfect combination of comfort and style to maximize the enjoyment of your tobacco smoke. If you're still undecided, keep reading to learn some of the top benefits of wooden pipes.

Holds Heat Better

The difference between smoking tobacco from a wooden pipe and either a metallic or glass pipe is like night and day. Assuming it has a deep bowl, wooden pipes will hold heat more effectively, allowing users to spend more time puffing and less time lighting.

There's nothing more frustrating than being forced to hold the lighter down to your pipe each time you want to breathe in the tobacco smoke, but thankfully this isn't a problem with wooden pipes. Depending on how the tobacco is packed, along with the size and shape of the bowl, it should maintain a slow but steady burn that allows you to continue drawing without relighting every couple of seconds.

Better For Your Health

I always cringe when I see people smoking tobacco out of a homemade metallic pipe. Placing a lighter up to a metallic object may create toxic gases. Breathing in small amounts of toxic metal gases probably won't cause any immediate health issues; however, prolonged use over the course of several years can lead to respiratory malfunctions, disease and other unwanted side effects.

You can rest assured knowing that wooden pipes are safe, all-natural and non-toxic. Whether you're a daily or once-a-week tobacco smoker, you should choose a pipe that's not going to lead to health problems later down the road. Wooden pipes are completely natural and don't pose the risk for toxic gases like their metallic counterpart.

Won't Shatter

Yet another benefit of choosing a wooden tobacco pipe is the simple fact that it won't break if drop it on the floor. Glass pipes look amazing with their smooth, clean lines, but they are incredibly easy to break. Just tapping it with too much force can shatter an otherwise flawless glass tobacco pipe. Wooden pipes, on the other hand, are able to withstand just about anything you have to throw their way. You can drop them on the ground, throw them against the wall, or sit on them without causing any damage.

Look Better

Lastly, there's a natural beauty and sophistication associated with wooden tobacco pipes. Humans have crafted tobacco pipes from wood for centuries, and it remains a classic material that's perfect for the job. The subtle hints of wood grain combined with its neutral color tone really make it shine with sophistication.